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Relating to an interface.
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In comparison to conventional layering the CAD veneered specimens failed cohesively, while conventional layered specimens failed interfacially.
Table 2 includes results from XPS analysis acquired on the interfacially failed surfaces.
I identified trends in advances in polymer synthesis especially block, graft and gradient copolymers, polymeric emulsifiers and interfacially active copolymers, protein copolymers for antimicrobial activity, advances in cationic polymers as deposition conditioning, and a drive toward micro- and nano-gels and encapsulated particles for efficient deposition-delivery and skin aesthetics and, in the case of soap--for convenience of use.
Cosurfactants are interfacially active substances that do not form micelles on their own and do not stabilize emulsions.
Alkali can reacts with the acidic substances in crude oil and form interfacially active componets that accumulate at the oil/aqueous interface.
Ronningsen, "Ageing of Interfacially Active Components and Its Effect on Emulsion Stability as Studied by Means of High Voltage Dielectric Spectroscopy Measurements," Colloids and Surfaces 123-124, 225-232 (1997).
Additionally, this technology can be combined with various ways to interfacially crosslink carboxylated latexes.
Polycarbonates prepared by melt transesterification contain 7% to 50% uncapped chains, more than that of interfacially prepared polycarbonates.

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