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Relating to an interface.
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3a, raw Al particle-matrix debonding, that is, holes left after the fillers were pulled out from the matrix, can be observed, suggesting a weak interfacial bonding and poor compatibility between the Al nanoparticles and the matrix.
Nagase America, a multinational manufacturer-distributor of raw materials and specialty chemicals, has collaborated with Interfacial Consultants, a Wisconsin based firm focused on creating highly differentiated technology platforms, to establish a joint venture named Infinite Material Solutions.
Beginning a four-volume set for research and practicing chemists, Tadros introduces the basic theory of interfacial phenomena and colloid stability.
In the one-dimensional two-fluid model (1D TFM) the drag term plays the main role in the interfacial momentum transfer.
To our knowledge, although as yet no measuring method is applicable for the solid-liquid interfacial tension when DC passes through the solid-liquid interface, recent studies on effect of an applied DC on the solid-liquid interfacial reactions in metal-metal system have given an implication for the determination of the solid-liquid interfacial tension and the wettability.
In their other paper [16], they found that the magnitude of the thermal residual stress due to mismatch in the thermal expansion coefficients of fiber and matrix was insufficient to explain the magnitude of the system IFSS, and they suggest that the residual stress combined with static adhesion could be the major contributor to the apparent interfacial adhesion in glass fiber-epoxy system, but they did not consider the effects of the temperature of resin on IFSS.
The local void fraction and interfacial area concentration (IAC) is the basic parameter determining the structure of the two-phase flow.
Therefore, when O/W nanoemulsions are used as nanocarriers in delivery systems, the interfacial membrane formed by the emulsifier is an important factor in controlling the ability of the emulsion to protect the encapsulated functional compounds and to inhibit their diffusion from the oil droplets into the aqueous phase.
The influences of the hierarchical CSW on the interfacial and mechanical properties of the PVC composites were investigated.
Abstract: In this experimental and analytical work, interfacial shear strengths were evaluated at material and member level.
To improve interfacial adhesion between polar cord and nonpolar rubber matrix, an adhesive agent must be used.