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This is a highly selective and idiosyncratic list influenced by my own background as a biopsychologist working interdisciplinarily and integratively in the context of a Christian university.
These criteria should be developed interdisciplinarily across business units/functions, and then summarily distributed back across the same organization for agreement and adherence.
The women had a propensity to shift standpoints and to interdisciplinarily cross borders, much as they would in liminal borderlands, but this way of being presented a challenge.
The last four essays work interdisciplinarily, pairing performance studies with sound studies, disability studies, diaspora studies, and women's and gender studies.
The field may also grow interdisciplinarily through partnerships in instructional design, neurology (Davidson, 2011; Hardiman, 2003), writing and rhetoric (Hewett et al.
You need to work interdisciplinarily, but always respecting and accepting that each has a knowledge sphere and that this knowledge should join instead of compete.
To students and the graduates students it turns them highly motivating to choose a postgraduate course that the career has tutelage in possibility and research programs interdisciplinarily of integrating.
Each essay in A Time for the Humanities seems to require a highly specialized knowledge from a distinct academic field that, rather than speaking interdisciplinarily, as in, towards and for people from different specializations, pulls fractured examples from other fields into its own view of the Humanities, in order to further the specifically intradisciplinary concerns of that particular essay.
The program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of highly gifted students who have the ability to learn at a tremendous speed, think critically and abstractly, while delving deep into subject matter," says Michael Postma, coordinator of High Potential Services and the Navigator Program, who adds that this "is why we try to teach thematically and interdisciplinarily.
Much of what the Institute of Medicine addressed in this work regarding human research protections might well be applied interdisciplinarily and fruitfully to healthcare ethics leadership and to organizational systems.
The analysis of frames or frame analysis soon became a discipline in its own rights being used interdisciplinarily in communication, political or social studies.

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