intercurrent disease

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pertaining to a process that occurs during the course of some other event.
intercurrent disease a disease occurring during the course of another disease with which it has no connection.
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in·ter·cur·rent dis·ease

a new disease occurring during the course of another disease, not related to the primary disease process.
See also: intercurrent.
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The actuarial 10-year death rate from intercurrent disease, excluding deaths from prostate cancer, was 35% in the combination arm and 37% in the radiation-only arm.
* Generalizability across populations (demographic groups, concomitant medications, intercurrent diseases, geographic regions, and even cultural groups)
Passive euthanasia: A physician may choose not to treat an intercurrent disease or event in a patient with a terminal progressive disease.
also illustrates the challenges inherent in the selection of appropriate populations for different steps in the process of extending diagnostic criteria to alternative markers and overcoming confounding factors due to intercurrent disease states.