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The push stimulus is an intercrop of the forage legume D.
Therefore, Swaziland producers are encouraged to intercrop field beans and sweetpotatoes at plant population densities of 66,667 field bean plants [ha.sup.-1] and 33,333 sweetpotato plants [ha.sup.-1].
Application of N to legume-based intercrops will usually favor the growth of the nonlegume and further reduce dinitrogen fixation of the legume (Midmore, 1993; Davis and Woolley, 1993).
The data analysis presented in Table 4 compares storage efficiency as affected by all combinations of location, slope position, and intercrop period.
In a cereal-legume intercropping system, however, an increase in cereal and a decrease in legume intercrop yield is frequently stated.
The productivity of land could be improved significantly by growing intercrops in the space left between sugarcane rows.
However the proximity of faba bean to snow pea in the intercrop treatment did not affect thrips counts compared to snow pea grown in monoculture.
A similar behavior was also observed for the common oat-ryegrass intercrop. However, this combination showed a linear curve, starting at 23.12% CP in the 65th day after sowing, falling until 168 days to a CP level of 9.63%.
The experiment was conducted in a randomized block design with four replications, using a 4 x 2 factorial arrangement, consisting of four plant densities (13,574, 24,512, 36,816, and 40,723 plants [ha.sup.-1]) of castor bean and two crop systems (single crop, and intercrop with Urochloa ruziziensis between the castor bean plant rows).
Of the fund, P1 billion will be set aside for coconut farmers to intercrop "with coffee and cacao you will
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