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A mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity, for example, interconversion of chemical compounds or of foodstuffs.
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The solution is to issue minor coins as mere tokens with no pretense at metallic contents worth anywhere near their face values and, further, to keep those tokens interconvertible at fixed rates with the definitive money (e.
Devlin (1991) regarded information as "a basic property of the universe, alongside matter and energy (and being ultimately interconvertible with them)" (p.
The rabbit muscle enzyme exists in two interconvertible forms, the phosphorylated form, GPa, and the dephosphorylated form, GPb.
At one point, after defining the State as "aggression," he wrote, "Aggression, invasion, government, are interconvertible terms" (1893, 23).
By noting that mass and energy were interconvertible, Einstein laid the groundwork for quantum physics.
Phytochrome exists inside plants in two interconvertible forms.
Recently, it was found that erucin and sulforaphane are interconvertible, so that the clinical effects are likely to be due to the combined effects of all the glucosinolate hydrolysis products [167].
As Troy+ stomach stem cells exhibit interconvertible characteristics i.
Cultural and symbolic capital, then, are the accumulated labor of symbolic workers and function like other forms of capital, economic or social, and are, at times, interconvertible with them.
1987), since in some cases gametophyte and sporophyte seem rather readily interconvertible.
Although his special and general theories of relativity eliminated the notion of simultaneity at a distance, merged space with time, and made energy and matter interconvertible, Einstein still assumed that his relativity theories described a continuously existing, causally connected world.