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A mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity, for example, interconversion of chemical compounds or of foodstuffs.
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Demonstration of interconvertible high and low affinity states of the D-2 dopamine receptor," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Glutathione exists in the oxidized and reduced forms which are interconvertible. The reduced GSH, in turn, keeps up the cellular level of the active form of Vit-C.
(42) As a dietary component, it is readily available as one of three interconvertible forms; aldehyde (pyridoxal), alcohol (pyridoxine), or amine (pyridoxamie), with the active coenzymes being pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine phosphate.
Notese que Lonergan, de un modo mas claro que Habermas, integra el razonamiento practico en la historia; y este tiende asi a responder a los ordenes institucionales establecidos (vease, por ejemplo, Lonergan, 1992: 620; 247ss.); de modo que puede decir, "mi nocion del bien humano es interconvertible con mi nocion de la estructura de la historia" (Lonergan, 1993: 24).
Symbolic and economic capital are interconvertible, but they are never directly reducible to one another (Bourdieu, 1977).
Interconvertible kinetic states of t-butylbicycloorthobenzoate binding sites of the gamma-aminobutyric acid-A ionophores.
Prodigiosin in solution can exist in one of two distinct but readily interconvertible forms or as a mixture of these two forms, depending on the hydrogen ion concentration of the medium [29, 30].
XOR occurs into interconvertible forms: The superoxide producing XO and XDH (Palma et al., 2002).
Phytochrome has two interconvertible forms, [P.sub.r] and [].
Coming back to energy, since all energy-types are interconvertible, there can be several possible solutions in a comprehensive plan for utilising alternate sources of energy.
DHEA is metabolized to form DHEAS, and both hormones are metabolically interconvertible by the action of the enzymes sulphotransferase for conjugation and sulphatase for hydrolysis, present in many tissues (Baulieu, 1996).
From these citations, the reader will notice that truth and salvation are not always interconvertible. I will return to this later.