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A mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity, for example, interconversion of chemical compounds or of foodstuffs.
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Development and evaluation of empirical equations to interconvert between twelfth-rib fat and kidney, pelvic, and heart fat respective fat weights and to predict initial conditions of fat deposition models for beef cattle.
Despite that 11[beta]-HSD1 and 11[beta]-HSD2 interconvert the same substrate, they are phylogenetically relatively distant enzymes, sharing only 18% identical amino acid sequence (Baker 2004).
Thermal activation, however, can cause conformers to interconvert, acting as what Pomes describes a "push switch," which can effectively control proton passage.
In addition, chelidonine can interconvert between the cationic and neutral form (i.
In postweaning pigs, pyrroline-5-carboxylate is the common intermediate in pathways the synthesis of citrulline from both glutamine and proline; it is interconvert into ornithine by OAT in enterocytes (Wu et al.
In addition, diverse animals and microorganisms can interconvert estrone and estradiol (32,35,36).
The use of molecules that reversibly interconvert between two distinct structural forms in response to external stimuli (light, voltage, changes in pH and the presence of other chemical species, for example) gives us the means to control structure and function at the molecular level.
Because the folate forms interconvert with changes in oxidation states and as one-carbon groups are added and removed, changes in the rates of folate-dependent reactions are reflected by changes in the pattern of distribution of folate coenzymes.