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A mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity, for example, interconversion of chemical compounds or of foodstuffs.
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Erucin and SFN are interconverted by human metabolism and show comparable bioactivity in vivo.
The new work suggests an alternative possibility: that cancer cells are not fixed at all, but that, at any given point in time, they exist in one of several phenotypic "states" and those states can interconvert.
cholerae O1 strains as have been demonstrated to interconvert and to undergo serotype switching between Ogawa and Inaba.
A reference which suggests that each enantiomer is equally responsible for the side effects or which indicates that the enantiomers are likely to interconvert vitiates any motive to separate the enantiomers.
Arsenite and arsenate generally interconvert in urine depending on handling and storage conditions, and the sum of the two is generally used to measure inorganic arsenic in urine.
Thalidomide is a racemic glutamic acid analogue composed of two enantiomers R- and S-thalidomide (stereoisomers that are mirror images of one another) which interconvert under physiological conditions.
Animals are unable to synthesize n-6 or n-3 fatty acids de novo or to interconvert one series of fatty acids to another.
To verify that folates do not interconvert during WB hemolysis, we added 1 folate form at a time to a series of WB hemolysates generated from 1 donor sample at pH 4.0 or pH 4.7: 10 t~,g/L 5CH3THF, 2.5 t~,g/L 5CHOTHF, 5 t~,g/L THF, and 2.5 t~,g/L 5,10CH=THF.
If development of an equivalent square dimension is successful, it could be applied to interconvert kiln-drying as well as air-drying times between logs and square timbers.
Because all three measures were not consistently taken, we developed the following regressions to interconvert size measurements:
These data suggest that CCA-adding and poly(A) polymerase activities were able to interconvert early in evolution, with the CCA-adding enzyme degenerating into a simple poly(A) polymerase, or poly(A) polymerase acquiring the additional specificity required to synthesize a defined sequence of defined length.
Carnot was the first to consider carefully the way in which heat and work interconvert. For that reason he is considered the founder of the science of thermodynamics (from Greek words meaning "the flow of heat").