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A mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity, for example, interconversion of chemical compounds or of foodstuffs.
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Although our used cluster model is small, other local configurations different from ours may be more favorable for the interconversion.
We also study the detailed photoinduced interconversion mechanism of ODCs defects in [alpha]-quartz.
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Inhibition of interactions and interconversions of prion protein isoforms by peptide fragments from the C-terminal folded domain.
(8) have shown that the apo A-II/apo A-I molar ratio in HDLs influences PLTP-mediated particle interconversions, and have located the PLTP-binding domain in the N[H.sub.2]-terminal region of apo A-I (9).
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To maintain the stability and avoid interconversion of 5,10CH=THF (m/z 456.2~m/z 412.2) to 5CHOTHF (m/z 474.2[right arrow]m/z 327.1), we prepared stock solutions in 1 mol/L HCl containing 10 g/L ascorbic acid and stored them at -70[degrees]C.