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A mutual alteration of the physical or chemical nature of a substance or entity, for example, interconversion of chemical compounds or of foodstuffs.
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There is experimental evidence that specific combinations of NFAT family members are involved in the interconversion of fast and slow MyHC isoforms.
Interconversion of three measures of performance status: An empirical analysis.
Adenylate kinase (AK) catalyzes the nucleotide phosphoryl interconversion of ATP+AMP[?
of Biochemistry at the university, said that the results demonstrate that the conditions and molecules found in oceans assisted and accelerated the interconversion of metabolites that in modern organisms make up glycolysis and the pentose-phosphate pathways, two of the essential and most centrally placed reaction cascades of metabolism.
L-Carnitine ((R)-3-carboxy-2-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-1propaminium hydroxide inner salt, Figure 1(a)) is a vitaminlike amino acid derivative, which is an essential factor in fatty acid metabolism as acyltransferase cofactor and in energy production processes, such as interconversion in the mechanisms of regulation of ketogenesis and thermogenesis.
The river was quite productive and with the information gathered towards the end of the data collection (at the start of the rainy season) it was shown that the river will be able to support diverse number of organisms from planktons, benthos to fishes and macrophytes going by the abundance of chemical ions needed for interconversion of energy and production of organic materials present in the river.
Photometric, radiometric and quantum light units of measure: A review of procedures for interconversion.
Phosphoglycerate It catalyzes the interconversion of 2-and 3- mutase phosphoglycerate in the glycolytic and gluconeogenic pathways.
2010) observaron durante el invierno una interconversion entre almidon y azucares solubles (glucosa, fructosa y sacarosa) con relacion a las temperaturas del aire.
La primera correspondio a la interconversion entre los tautomeros azo e hidrazona del colorante mediante una reaccion de transferencia de proton intramolecular (Zimmerman y Wang, 2002; Beyramabadi y Morsali, 2011) y la segunda etapa, consistio en la adicion nucleofilica de bisulfito sobre la especie hidrazona en la posicion 4 de la molecula de colorante, produciendo el correspondiente aducto sulfonado (Gemeay, 2002).
These enzymes catalyse the interconversion of relatively inactive 17[beta]-keto steroids (e.

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