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interconnectedness (inˈ·ter·k·nekˑ·ted·nes),

n idea that all objects are connected; therefore a change in the state of one produces change in the rest.
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Weiss, and Krupa Viswanathan, provides an econometric analysis of the interconnectedness between banks and insurers.
The nature, scope, size, scale, concentration, interconnectedness, and mix of the activities of the company;
The author sees four forces accelerating the mesh concept: the economic crisis; a rethinking by consumers about what is most important in their lives; population growth and depletion of resources; and growing urban density around the world, which lends itself to mesh concepts like interconnectedness.
Each of the proposed critera "reflects a different dimension of a firm's potential to experience material financial distress, as well as the nature, scope, size, scale, concentration, interconnectedness and mix of the company's activities," FSOC officials say.
CARTHAGE, June 26, 2010 (TAP) - Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) Deputies and Advisers hailed the guidelines and objectives of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's programme "Together We Meet Challenges," which are part of a comprehensive reform approach that consecrates the pertinent development choices in an interconnectedness between the political, economic, social and civilisational dimensions.
Keywords Investment models * Interconnectedness * Continuous time * Discrete time
In his proposed book, Sousa's Washington, Warfield intends to document and illuminate the interconnectedness between black and white, highbrow and lowbrow, professional and amateur, and military and civilian musicians, through a detailed investigation of the early career of John Philip Sousa.
Without such interconnectedness or the possibility of constructing it, dialogue becomes ships sounding their fog horns but passing in the night.
Churches around the world are invited to plant a tree in their communities as a symbol of the influence of the Reformation and as a sign of reconciliation and interconnectedness among the branches of Christianity.
Prepare for never-before-seen levels of global interconnectedness and information exchange, says business consultant Stieglitz.
Interconnectedness scored again when I heard one of the dairy industry speakers note the projections of growing markets for cheese in Asia, especially Japan because of the growing popularity of American and Italian restaurants.
The children recently took a tour of the bank after spending four months collecting pennies as part of the school's peace education project, which Paquette says "is aimed at showing students the interconnectedness of the world, and how each person can make a difference.

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