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interconnectedness (inˈ·ter·k·nekˑ·ted·nes),

n idea that all objects are connected; therefore a change in the state of one produces change in the rest.
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After all, our interconnectedness in this increasingly globalized community should invite us to realize that we are, as members of the Church, a part of the single greatest force for goodness, compassion, holiness and justice that this world has ever known.
12) We find ourselves in a position similar to that of deep ecologists, who claim the interconnectedness of all species and, in principle, espouse biospherical egalitarianism.
We have developed unparalleled military interoperability and interconnectedness, working together to meet the challenges of the Cold War, leading in NATO, and fighting side-by-side in defense of global interests," a White House statement said.
Faster growth in productivity, and the reactions of businesses and households to this acceleration of productivity, have combined with other forces--particularly those associated with the growing interconnectedness of the global economy--to require substantial adjustments in the Federal Reserve's policy interest rate in recent years.
The move is said to reflect the growing interconnectedness of the European and North American automobile inudstries that are key customers of both organizations.
Despite the drudgery, body-on-body interconnectedness, borrowing the dynamics of contact improvisation, exalted a transcendent symbiosis.
Through these words, the Buddha pointed out the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life and all events.
Carson is ingenious in his successful mixture of adventure, literary and religious allusions, and the interconnectedness of each part of the journey, which becomes more and more apparent with each successive chapter.
In addition to miniaturization described above, the others include the interconnectedness of people and things; advances in biology; the acceleration of technology and business processes; the digitization of many products and services; and consumerization.
More people need to understand the interconnectedness of humans and their environments.
If we are this whole and at the same time part of the whole, and if there exists an inter-relatedness and interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit within the human being, should we not then put into practice the same holistic-feminist logic of indivisibility, universality and interconnectedness among all human rights, among all human beings, and among all of the social, political, economic or cultural sub-systems?
Officer plays with narrative chronology and structure, making temporal braids out of the interconnectedness of past, present and future in startling ways.

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