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Between any two columns, as the columns or crura of the superficial inguinal ring.
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(ĭn″tĕr-kō-lŭm′năr) [″ + columna, column]
Between columns.
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He tells us that within the Buddha-hall, which was the center of the monastery, there were at least three statues of Maitreya: one, cast in the common form of sitting under a bodhi-tree, which represented his achievement of enlightenment, was in the midst of the hall, while a pair of statues were placed in the eastern and western intercolumnar space of the hall.
also may have been influenced, more subtly and unconsciously, by the visual model of the page of the scholarly codex constructed out of two dense columns of text with lines separated by a narrow intercolumnar space and surrounded by margins: as spaces were left empty in the book for the interventions of the reader, so the lateral and central spaces in the library were left empty to allow for the movements of the public of scholars" (206).

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