interclinoid ligament

in·ter·cli·noid lig·a·ment

a band of dura mater connecting the anterior and posterior clinoid processes of the sphenoid bone; may become ossified.
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Those processes are connected by a horizontal fold of dura mater described as interclinoid dural fold or interclinoid ligament.
The ligamentous or the bony form of interclinoid ligament is important in the aneurysms surgery of the intracavernous portion of the internal carotid artery and surgery for tuberculum sellae meningiomas.
The presence of ossified interclinoid ligament makes the removal of the anterior clinoid process more difficult and increases the risks especially in the presence of an aneurysm.
Surgical removal of the anterior clinoid processes to expose of the structures of the cavernous sinus is more difficult when the interclinoid ligament is ossified, due to the established neural and vascular relationships (oculomotor, trochlear, abductor, ophthalmic and mandibular nerves, internal carotid artery, cavernous sinus and coronary sinus) (Ozdogmus et al.
1990) the presence of ossified interclinoid ligament increases surgery difficulty and risks, especially in the presence of aneurysms.
Ossification of interclinoid ligament and its clinical Significance.
Along with the pterygospinous, pterygoalars and carotico-clinoid ligaments, the interclinoid ligaments comprise a group of intrinsic ligaments of the sphenoid bone.
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