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In an article Sunday, the Daily News dubbed the interchange ``Detour Junction'' and detailed the problems and the longstanding efforts of Burbank and other officials to get it fixed.
Traffic through the interchange has risen by 109 percent in the past 30 years to an average of 441,000 cars and trucks a day - ranking it as the 16th busiest in the state.
Adding connectors would cost an estimated $80 million - a fraction of the $400 million to correct the bottleneck at the 101-405 freeway interchange a few miles to the west.
In our first full year as an SBA Preferred Lender Participant we achieved outstanding results," said Anthony Abbate, president and CEO of Interchange Bank.
This was the best news for the 405-101 interchange we've had in months,'' said Assemblyman Wally Knox, D-Los Angeles, after the vote.
Today's announcement marks a key step in bringing together the leaders in business rules development, Semantic Web developers, and end users in an effort to identify requirements for a common Rule Interchange Format for the Web.
The Haskell ramps were originally designed for residents who were virtually landlocked when the freeway interchange opened in 1962.
Brad Sherman, D-Woodland Hills, said Slater will discuss a genuine solution to problems at the interchange, the fourth-busiest in the state.
whose InterChange software platform makes it easier for businesses to build adoptable digital experiences on SharePoint, today announced the release of Version 2.
The purpose of the contract is reconstruction and placement of traffic signs and road markings on certain interchanges along Corridor X (Interchanges: Veles Jug (South) , Negotino , Demir Kapija and Gevgelija ) and along the sections from Interchange Hipodrom Interchange Miladinovci and from Interchange Hipodrom Interchange Petrovec, in line with applicable legislation and standards.
IslamabadLahore Motorway (M2) interchanges include Zero Point Lahore, Babu Sabu Interchange, Faiz Pure Interchange, Kot Abdul Malik Interchange,Kala
3 million Highway 58 bypass that the interchange serves, the Department of Transportation is trying to address concerns raised by Mojave residents and Kern County lawmakers over the interchange's design.