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intercessors, in spiritual healing, individuals who offer prayer to a higher power on behalf of another person in need of assistance or healing.
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A recent systematic review of the literature described multiple randomized trials in which other interventions versus personal, focused, committed and organized IP (guided by intercessors holding some belief that they are praying to God or a god) were compared.
Within the post-Reformation parallel discourses of drama and religion the female intercessor is incredibly important, but she also undermines masculinity and is consequently presumed to be promiscuous because of her influential strength.
First, Protestantism projected the mistrust of the Roman Church hierarchy into the celestial realm and denied any validity to earthly intercessors.
No one knew much about personal computers, and there was little sense of networking; so users were dependent on others--who as intercessors often acted as high priests and druids--to process information, provide output reports and resolve problems.
Higgins is not averse to a more relaxed stance, whereby saints are seen, not as miracle workers, or intercessors with special access to God, but as fellow companions on the Christian path who have struck a chord with us.
Brief stays did not allow enough time for subjects to be assigned to groups and for the intercessors to pray for the patients.
It was thanks to these intercessors, both Christian and Muslim, that he was able to receive pardon.
There was a shift to seeing the saints as intercessors, through whom the faithful could obtain their grace and favour.
He points out some of their problems they observed: the tension in religious images between an avenging God and the host of heavenly intercessors, the contradiction in parish life between Christ the life-giver and the clergy who took money from the poor for their services.
A group of members could be recruited, for example, to serve as the congregation's intercessors for a year and then meet during that year to deepen their understanding and experience of prayer.
Many intercessors from all over the world stood up and prayed together for the nations.