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n a prayer in which a request is made on behalf of another person.
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Queenship also underwent a change, with later medieval queens playing an important role as intercessors, a role which allowed them to temper the arbitrary power of kinship without ever challenging it.
He is the intercessor against sickness and all forms of illness.
Such support would have been due to the recognition of Saint George, by both the clergy and the crusaders, as a powerful and efficacious intercessor for the crusading cause.
On Friday, however, Dela Rosa denied Go was the intercessor.
It is a prayer of supreme confidence and trust in Mary as our intercessor.
As a generative type who is sometimes supernaturally illumined in pictorial compositions, dreaming or lost in thought, symbolically identified with architecture and plants, guardian and intercessor, Joseph deserves more than a second glance.
This understanding sparked a medieval practice of using votive candles in churches and at shrines that equaled the height of the intercessor.
Padre Pio is a very powerful and real intercessor in our present day and time.
8) Her spatial and tonal isolation from the surrounding figures, and their apparent obliviousness to her stunning presence, suggest that we should read the significance of this figure as different from the others, as Vasari implied, and as the Flemish painter Rubens later suggested in his interpretation of the figure as an intercessor in his own Transfiguration, executed in 1604-05 (Nancy, Musee des Beaux-Arts).
And as Catholics in particular, we have added recourse to the Blessed Mother Mary as our greatest intercessor to God, and whose birthday we celebrate also in the month of September.
The shift in the emphasis on Mary as "supreme intercessor and mediatrix" in the later Middle Ages to Mary as the "spiritual" mother of Christ in post-Tridentine Catholicism, is the focus of an insightful book by Donna Spivey Ellington, From Sacred Body to Angelic Soul: Understanding Mary in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe.