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n a prayer in which a request is made on behalf of another person.
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She does this by tracing the role of Mary as intercessor in medieval iconography from the 12th to the 15th Century.
Saint Anselm argues that when anxiety of mind leads to fear, "So the accused flees from the just God to the good mother of the merciful God" (112), but this long-held view of Mary as a merciful intercessor was scrutinized during the Reformation.
Johnell Wieniewitz and Michael Pringle, friends of the bride and groom, served as lector and intercessor.
Paul is the son of Lakota elder Buck GhostHorse and intercessor for the Sungleska Oyate Sundance in Washington state.
Doug Grant and Fred Hayward read the scriptures and Bonnie Schepers participated as Intercessor for the Prayers of the People.
The first is the study by Jostein Adna, which shows how the Targum translation of Isaiah presents the Servant as an intercessor for Israel (53:4, 11, 12), following the example of Moses (32:30-34), to the point of being willing to surrender his life.
Furthermore, "commemoration is the intercessor between death and societal memory.
However, she also is shown in paintings and sculptures as intercessor and co-redemptress--that is, as an avenue through which prayers might more efficaciously reach God, and as playing an active role in the promised redemption of the souls of the faithful.
Ambrose, by the end of the twelfth century, Mary was exalted as Queen of heaven, Bride of Christ, co-redeemer with Christ, intercessor par excellence, and paradigm of perfect love for Christ as God and man.
The prayer leader subsequently called the other 4 persons on the intercessor team.
Of particular importance is the emphasis Metropolitan John lays on the function of the bishop as liturgist and intercessor in the early period, in contrast to (and almost to the exclusion of) his administrative role (which the evidence suggests may have been rather the function of the presbytery and diaconate).
When I stepped in faith and reached London where I have never been before, one intercessor also flew to London from another country at the same time.