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The study was double blinded and randomized consisting of 30 children (8-15 years in mixed/permanent dentition) having fixed interceptive orthodontic therapy.
Interceptive Orthodontics basically refers to measures undertaken to prevent a potential malocclusion (irregular teeth & malpositioned jaw) from progressing into a more severe one.
A review of early displaced maxillary canines: etiology, diagnosis and interceptive treatment.
Gwee, "Interceptive side channel attack on AES-128 wireless communications for IoT applications," in Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, APCCAS 2016, pp.
Informational constraints shape emergent functional behaviors during performance of interceptive actions in team sports.
proposed coupling head movement to movement of the ball may be an important element in interceptive tasks like baseball batting.
Besides its role in addiction, insula has been recently found to be related to impulsivity, interceptive awareness (13), cognition (14), and emotion regulation (15).
She examines the concept of unilateral defense and whether the modern jus ad bellum should legally recognize a dual face of defense and considers whether a bipartite legal division of the concept of defense into responsive defense and interceptive defense would be better as an extension of the existing legal concept of self-defense, to accommodate both legitimate response and interception.
Need for preventive and interceptive intervention for malocclusion in 3--5-year-old finnish children.
It consists of three subscales to measure eating disorder symptoms, such as Bulimia (B), body dissatisfaction (BD), drive to thinness (DT) and also another five psychological domains that are relevant to eating disorders, i.e., ineffectiveness, perfectionism, interpersonal distrust, interceptive awareness and maturity fears.