intercarpal joints

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car·pal joints

the synovial joints between the carpal bones.
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in·ter·car·pal joints

(in'tĕr-kahr'păl joynts)
The synovial joints between the carpal bones.
Synonym(s): carpal joints (1) .
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Two donkey's carpi radiographied without contrast media and two donkey's carpi were injected with a mixture of 75 g red lead oxide in 150cc gum milk latex at the radiocarpal joint and with an eventually mixture of 75 g red lead oxide in 150 cc gum milk latex colored blue with metheyline blue stain at the intercarpal joint, where two depressions were observed medial to the extensor carpi radialis tendon and common digital extensor tendon on the dorsal surface of the carpal joint after being flexed, the needle inserted perpendicular in the depressions.
MRI of the right wrist demonstrated synovial hypertrophy and effusion in the radioulnar and intercarpal joints. For exact diagnosis and treatment, open synovectomy of the left elbow was performed.
Next, the PIN continued within the fourth dorsal osseofibrous tunnel between the tendon of the EPL and the lateral part of the El terminating within the dorsal fascia and the dorsal surface of the fibrous capsules of the radiocarpal and intercarpal joints.