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The process of insertion between two other entities, for example, insertion of a dye or drug between stacked bases in DNA.
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After the one-step intercalation reaction, 50 mL of saturated K[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4] solution was added to the mixture, and the oxidation process continued for 1 h at a temperature of 40[degrees] C.
Gary, High-quality few layer graphene produced by electrochemical intercalation and microwave-assisted expansion of graphite, Carbon, 49, 2809 (2011).
(5,36) From the analysis of SEM, we may conclude that the LDH-N[O.sub.3] film is destroyed partially due to the [Zn.sup.2+] cations' dissolution, and the inhibitors' intercalation will restrain this dissolution.
The above derivation can be used to relate solution-phase potential gradients to intercalation current density, with only two minor changes.
The shifting was caused by glycerol intercalation between the MMT silicate layers.
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) (Merck Co., 98%) was used as the organic compound for the intercalation process.
Intercalation of metalaxyl into montmorillonite may offer a feasible approach to meet the aforementioned end.
The magnitude of dipole moments has been shown to be correlated with selectivity in intercalation reactions of layered double hydroxides [4, 28, 31].
In the present work, montmorillonite (MMT) as a typical representative of smectite group of phyllosilicates has been chosen as a matrix for intercalation of conducting PANI.
As a result, graphite intercalation compounds can range from superconductors to insulators [39] with their conductivity often exceeding that of classic metals [43, p.
The intercalation into the interlayer of bentonite was done by mixing the sol [[HO-Al-O-Si[(OH).sub.3]].sup.2+] or called silica-Al sol with bentonite dispersed in distilled water.
Generally speaking, the alkali cation intercalation process in the Li+ and [Na.sup.+] secondary batteries can be divided into the transfer process from the electrolyte to host frame work and the migration process within the host framework.