intercalated duct

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intercalated duct

Any of several short, narrow ducts that lie between the secretory ducts and the terminal alveoli in the parotid and submandibular glands and in the pancreas.
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inserted between.

intercalated disk
dark staining, transversely oriented bands scattered through cardiac muscle fibers; points of end-to-end contact between contiguous myocardial fibers.
intercalated duct
small tubules connecting alveoli of salivary glands to intralobular striated ducts and finally to excretory duct.
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Intercalated ducts were present close to developing islet tissue in the twenty specimens of groups A and B and not present in group C.
SOX10 is a novel marker of acinus and intercalated duct differentiation in salivary gland tumors: a clue to the histogenesis for tumor diagnosis.
The smallest ducts are comparable to intercalated ducts but the large ducts for the most part lack the distinguishing features of striated ducts3.
It has been postulated that these tumours arise from intercalated ducts and myoepithelial cells (4).
The intercalated ducts empty into the striated ducts, which have a single layer of cylindrical epithelium, the cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm, having a large nucleus located in the central-basal part.
1,2] In a normal gland, myoepithelial cells are located between the epithelial cells and the basal lamina of acini and intercalated ducts.
There are intercalated ducts with cubical epithelium connecting the acini with the striated ducts.