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Between any alveoli, especially the alveoli of the lungs.
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(ĭn″tĕr-ăl-vē′ō-lăr) [″ + alveolus, little tub]
Between the alveoli, esp. the alveoli of the lungs.
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En los once restantes, no se menciona el eponimo, y en dos de ellos se utilizan los sinonimos Comunicaciones (Delaunois) y Comunicacion interalveolar (Voshaar).
Moreover, interalveolar septa and pores of Kohn can change in shape and size due to diseases or aging.
In this study also, administration of OA produced pulmonary edema as indicated by increase in the pulmonary water content and widening of interalveolar septum in histological examination of the lungs.
The interpretation of radiographs can be influenced by many factors, including anatomical complexity, the delay between the development of symptoms and signs and the radiographic confirmation of the disease, as well as the limitations of the imaging system itself.[sup][11] There is scarce information on the utility of routine periapical radiography for the identification of interalveolar foramina in mandibles.
A marked cellular infiltrate is appreciated at low power (D, arrows), which extends into the adjacent interalveolar septa (E, arrow).
LPS inhalation is a widely used model of acute lung injury (ALI), which is characterized by infiltration of inflammatory cells, interalveolar septal thickening, pulmonary oedema, patchy haemorrhage, hyaline membrane formation, exudation in the alveolar cavity, and some collapsed alveoli [59-61].
Pulmonary emphysema is defined anatomically by destruction of interalveolar septae and loss of lung tissue and overlaps only partially with COPD.
It has characteristic large teeth, separated by narrow interalveolar spaces.

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