interaction process analysis

in·ter·ac·tion pro·cess a·nal·y·sis

in psychology, analysis of small-group behavior in terms of 12 specific categories, for example, solidarity, tension release, agreement.
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ERIC Descriptors: Student Teachers; Grade 3; Internship Programs; Interviews; Journal Writing; Student Journals; Attribution Theory; Interpersonal Relationship; Interaction Process Analysis; Motivation; Teacher Student Relationship; Caring; Semi Structured Interviews; Protocol Analysis; Protocol Materials; Observation; Student Teacher Attitudes; Foreign Countries; Teacher Education Programs
They conduct an extensive review of the present literature and examine Bates's interaction process analysis (IPA), a common tool for collecting interactive data.
Bale's (1950) Interaction Process Analysis (IPA) was adapted as the basis for content analysis to describe the patterns of student interaction in small groups through both synchronous and asynchronous networks.
Interaction process analysis: A method for the study of small groups.
Bales evolved a system of interaction process analysis (IPA) that combined a structured set of categories for observation, and, a set of theoretical concepts underlying those categories.
The results may be viewed in the light of the Bales[25] interaction process analysis theory.
The Bales Interaction Process Analysis system is the best-known method employed for the study of small-group interaction.(5) Inui et a](6,7) used this system in a study of 101 new patient visits to a general medical clinic.
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ERIC Descriptors: Intervention; Program Effectiveness; Kindergarten; Teacher Student Relationship; Mathematics Instruction; Control Groups; Experimental Groups; Educational Quality; Audits (Verification); Program Evaluation; Preschool Evaluation; Preschool Education; Classroom Observation Techniques; Interaction Process Analysis; Mathematics Achievement; Curriculum Implementation; Preschool Curriculum; Performance Factors; Instructional Effectiveness; Teacher Effectiveness; Demonstrations (Educational); Teaching Models
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