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However, only half of men said they listen intently to gossip, while four in 10 admitted to listening closely to other people's conversations, the poll of 2,000 people found.
As one of Sun's long standing Elite Software Integration partners, we're also delighted to see that Sun has listened intently to partners, and our customers, and has implemented many of our recommendations," said Martin Gee CTO at ICSynergy.
It is a detail made monumental, a highly specific rendering of something that must have been photographed millions of times but is rarely examined so intently.
According to the New York Times account, UN Secretary-General Annan listened intently for three and a half hours as the veteran internationalists discussed falling public confidence in both the world body and its top official.
It's for all of these reasons that BE will focus even more intently on motivating African Americans to buy their first homes, and to get them to take this important wealth-building step as early in their lives as possible.
The audience listened intently, even through quieter songs such as the sublime Day In Verona and the haunting Half A Man.
As our nation faces the task of voting and selecting leadership this November I hear God's voice telling us to pray intently for the proper leaders to be elected.
WE SEE A STIRRED-UP CROWD OF PEOPLE intently taking the dead Jesus from the cross and lowering him into his mother Mary's lap.
The students listen intently to Dorfman's description of the nuances of the piece's hand gestures and then spread across the floor with a remarkably adept rendering of Dorfman's recent creation, See Level.
Salgado's lens provides a voice to the dispossessed and hard-pressed, as well as to the volunteers and medical professionals, in his stunning black-and-white photographs that make the viewer stare intently at the faces that capture the attention.
Dr James Thomas, of the Children's Medical Centre at Dallas, Texas said: ``When Mohamed saw his brother for the first time he stared at him intently.