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intentionality (in·tenˈ·sh·naˑ·li·tē),

n the characteristic of any action engaged in intentionally.
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When children make moral judgments, they do not at first base these on intentionality.
The intentionality in this collaboration surfaces in the persistence to revise the unit over time, commitment to equity in programming, and in relationships.
Throughout the book, Arnold has to balance many different elements against each other: first he reconstructs an ancient Indian exchange surviving in often cryptic Sanskrit; second he presents and enriches more accessible but very detailed and technical discussions of intentionality and physicalist cognitivism; finally he intertwines these strands to show that arguments made on wholly different backgrounds do actually resonate with each other.
However, within the teaching/learning nexus it is clear unequal relations of power are manifest, so how teachers view their role to think and speak with intentionality will challenge the successful implementation of intentional teaching practices within the EYLF.
C]onsidering experiences as an organism's inner response to an outer stimuli, the intentionality of the organism towards outer stimuli with the aim of reaching an inner response must be investigated.
MHCs apply intentionality beyond the clinical setting (Ivey & Ivey, 2003).
I think that we can notice that the intentionality of our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences have significant, even essential features.
Trust, care, optimism, respect, and intentionality are the nature of the protective factors discussed within the context of the study.
Similarly, based on the recent evidence that HR management decisions in startup organizations are likely determined by factors not affecting larger, more established firms, Bryant and Allen (2009) proposed a theory of the HR architecture in emerging organizations based on their levels of intentionality (I), resources (R), boundary (B) and exchange (E).
Remarks for a Discussion of Intentionality and the New Traditionalism: Some Liminal Means to Literary Revisionism.
Now he is being condemned by some critics of Israel's human rights record for retracting his finding of intentionality.