intensity of sound

in·ten·si·ty of sound

the objective measurement of the amplitude of vibration of a sound wave.
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Emerald Meadows is a lovely, bucolic venue but a poor choice for events producing the intensity of sound created by a Kaleidoscope Music Festival-type event.
The decibel (dB) is a unit to measure the intensity of sound.
To determine exactly what intensity of sound the vuvuzela produces, and the possible related hearing risks, a calibrated type 1 sound level meter was used to measure the sound intensity and spectrum produced by an official vuvuzela at four distinct distances from the bell of the instrument where the sound exits.
The intensity of sound is expressed in a logarithmic unit of measurement called a decibel (dB).
Sound produced by timbals can be modified by several anatomical structures such as shape and position of the abdomen, timbal covers, opercula, and tensor muscles that alter quality and intensity of sound emitted (e.
These test how the ear responds to the intensity of sound (loudness) and its frequency (pitch).
Her works written before 1960 show his influence, with an intensity of sound and gesture while in work written after 1970, she uses extremes of pitch, dynamics and feelings.
The intensity of sound in such environments is something of a revelation, but can also be disturbing.
The city code regulates the intensity of sound, but frequency or pitch from a relatively quiet sound can also annoy people, experts say.
The Environmental Protection Agency considers 70 decibels the average intensity of sound a person can hear in a 24-hour period without harmful effects.
Drumming communicates in the manner of African talking drums and embellishes the commencement of the story with the intensity of sound.

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