intensity of sound

in·ten·si·ty of sound

the objective measurement of the amplitude of vibration of a sound wave.
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The walls mainly are porous, and when sound passes through an acoustic board, the intensity of sound is decreased.
Saptarshi Das noted that height is a property of the intensity of sound and researchers are working on this aspect of the problem.
The frequency and intensity of sound were confirmed with the help of different devices (Thurlby Thunder, TF 830, 1.3 GHz digital counter, Hitachi VC 6155 oscilloscope and RadioShack analogue 33-4050 sound level meter).
A rough guide for the correct loudness or intensity of sound coming through earphones is that it should not be audible to any other person.
When one sound combined with another, the intensity of sound does not become double.
The decrease of loudness enable by the dynamic soundfield system use, that automatically adjusts the frequency and intensity of sound in order to reach all the students equally [14], may have facilitated the teacher communication, decreasing the fundamental frequency, because the vocal effort may have decreased, and the fundamental frequency lower indicates the decrease of strain and muscle overload [7,24,25].
By looking at the Gauge you can easily determine at intensity of sound and hence your baby's activity and with Graph you can evaluate a sudden variation in temperature.
Intensity of sound is not due to the amplitude of movement of the glottis lips, but to the quantity of air which makes one vivid explosion.
Emerald Meadows is a lovely, bucolic venue but a poor choice for events producing the intensity of sound created by a Kaleidoscope Music Festival-type event.
Which unit measures the relative loudness or intensity of sound? 9.
One could further see that Solomon is well balanced in the presentation of relevant opinions, whereas Balan inclines (in a rather emotional note) to give credit to the view that piano timbre changes at the same intensity of sound. However, if one extracts the actual data from the context in which they occur, some caution can be observed.
Intensity of sound is important to characterise noise.

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