intensity of sound

in·ten·si·ty of sound

the objective measurement of the amplitude of vibration of a sound wave.
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By looking at the Gauge you can easily determine at intensity of sound and hence your baby's activity and with Graph you can evaluate a sudden variation in temperature.
Intensity of sound is not due to the amplitude of movement of the glottis lips, but to the quantity of air which makes one vivid explosion.
Emerald Meadows is a lovely, bucolic venue but a poor choice for events producing the intensity of sound created by a Kaleidoscope Music Festival-type event.
One could further see that Solomon is well balanced in the presentation of relevant opinions, whereas Balan inclines (in a rather emotional note) to give credit to the view that piano timbre changes at the same intensity of sound.
Intensity of sound is important to characterise noise.
The more the intensity of sound listened, less is the exposure time required to cause hearing loss.
The decibel (dB) is a unit to measure the intensity of sound.
To determine exactly what intensity of sound the vuvuzela produces, and the possible related hearing risks, a calibrated type 1 sound level meter was used to measure the sound intensity and spectrum produced by an official vuvuzela at four distinct distances from the bell of the instrument where the sound exits.
The intensity of sound is expressed in a logarithmic unit of measurement called a decibel (dB).
Sound produced by timbals can be modified by several anatomical structures such as shape and position of the abdomen, timbal covers, opercula, and tensor muscles that alter quality and intensity of sound emitted (e.
From this sense came still another meaning: "loudness or intensity of sound.
These test how the ear responds to the intensity of sound (loudness) and its frequency (pitch).

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