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1. To furnish a rational structure or meaning for.
2. To engage in intellectualization.
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Without heavy-handed intellectualizing (or, worse, pandering to anti-intellectual sentiments a la Forrest Gump), Phenomenon tells an inspirational story about humanity's capacity for genius, achievement, and compassion.
Intellectualizing is precisely what Berube is--and should be--doing.
After hours of intellectualizing the urgency for blacks to be a part of visual history, Golden admits that she has the zeal and vision to run her own museum.
Some individuals distance themselves from prejudice by intellectualizing the problems or viewing their own knowledge as being superior to others.
Petros Levounis's evocative case history of a typically shut down, intellectualizing, mother-dominated gay man named Stephen.
Though intrigued by both at first, he soon tires of Holly's insecure intellectualizing and Marina's shallowness.