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1. To furnish a rational structure or meaning for.
2. To engage in intellectualization.
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Through his own paintings - for he is an artist as well as a critic - he seems to intellectualize the notion of self-sufficiency, while simultaneously experiencing the immediate, sensual pleasures of color and surface.
I've played parts that I could intellectualize, and then I could sense a comprehension and understanding.
In all likelihood, lots of young girls have similar thoughts - but far fewer are able to intellectualize those impulses to the extent Danes did.
Yet Porumboiu so carefully intellectualizes every outwardly inconsequential exchange that the picture has no room to breathe, forcing audiences to work hard to catch the sly playfulness and cunning within.
The healthcare sector politicizes and intellectualizes P4P with continued debate about the meaning of the words and the methodology to be employed.
Bryan definitely intellectualizes the material, tries to puzzle his way through it and really obsesses over it.