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In neurology, a nerve cell with input from a number of dendrites that emits a signal that is the combined effect of the inputs.
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Q. My child is suffering from autism and was told to have Auditory Integration Therapy…what is it?

A. An Alternative Treatments where the child listens to different sounds with the goal to improve on language comprehension and it helps receive more balanced sensory input from the environment they live in. It has been reported that children had significant behavioral and language gains after this treatment.

Q. How can I get my son into a normal school? He was diagnosed as autistic but he is intelligent and is able to go through normal education. But I don’t want him to be socially disconnected…

A. If done in a proper way it can be an excellent idea! Your son will flourish and will develop as best as he can. But if just moving him to a regular school without any preparation to him, class and teacher- that can end up very bad. So talk to the teacher the headmaster and councilor explain and work up a plan. Then it must be explained to the class. and don’t forget your son…he needs to understand that he might get unpleasant reactions sometimes.

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