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A small fragment resulting from breakage, cutting, or avulsion.
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Q. What does it means when you eat more junk (like chocalate and hot chips) than you do food? Is that good or bad chocolate hot chips pickles olives cheetos pops juice hot chips again hot chips again

A. Pickles and olives are not that junk, although they may contain high amounts of salt (sodium) that may exacerbate hypertension. Regarding the rest of the foods you listed, well, they aren't the best thing to eat- a lot of calories and fat, without satisfying your appetite.

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- Integrated circuits are chips using microelectronic technology, and operate in products such as super-computers, mobile phones, TV sets, plasma displays, airplanes, games consoles and others.
In 1958, during his first year working with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Kilby borrowed equipment to build the first integrated circuit.
Although Noyce became the general manager, for the first few years, he continued to play a major technical role, engineering breakthroughs in manufacturing and patenting the integrated circuit.
In addition to reducing lead in its integrated circuit products, National will also significantly reduce bromine-and antimony-based flame retardants in and effort to make more environmentally neutral electronic components.
Electroplating in the presence of organic additives enables seam-free and void-free filling of trenches and vias to create the horizontal and vertical "wires" of the integrated circuit. Recently, a simple two-step process has been developed by NIST researchers, which should allow deeper features to be filled with greater control over the process.
With integrated circuit providers, system manufacturers and drive suppliers focused on delivering SATA, it promises to make significant market in-roads over the next two years.
Taylor says that with the sizes of features--or portions of the integrated circuit being constructed--measuring less than 0.13 [micro]m, it will be imperative to remove all particles .10 [micro]m and greater in size.
Although it is a promising technique, it is not at all clear whether it will finally meet the severe requirements of smaller than 100 nm integrated circuit fabrication.
QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), San Diego, Calif., pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, has launched QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT) MSM3300(TM) Mobile Station Modem (MSM(TM)) integrated circuit and system software, providing the most highly integrated advanced multimedia solution available for CDMA digital wireless handsets and data devices.

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