integral proteins

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in·te·gral pro·teins

proteins that cannot be easily separated from a biomembrane.
Synonym(s): intrinsic proteins
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Abbreviations: 2ME, [beta]-mercaptoethanol; AQP, aquaporin; BIB, Big Brain protein; DRIP, Drosophila intrinsic protein; DVIP, Dermacentor variabilis integral protein; Hg[Cl.sub.2], mercuric chloride; LHIP, Lygus hesperus integral protein; PRIP, Pyrocoelia rufa integral protein; RPIP, Rhodnius prolixus integral protein.
Integral proteins such as Cytochrome b is suspected to be modified by addition of acetyl- group on side chain amino group of Lys residue (Ryan et al., 2010).
The Bcl-2 family contains integral proteins of the mitochondrial membrane, nuclear membrane and endoplasmic reticulum that possess the pro- and anti-apoptotic properties.

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