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Pennycook contrasts this concept with that of semiodiversity, by which he designates the relational complex of meanings and signs housed in socially juxtaposed, yet mutually alien codes--an ecology of language that both suffers from and is nourished by its insusceptibility to translation from one code into the next, from this "side" to the other "side.
Skaggs becomes unreasonably annoyed with what he misreads as Sadness's insusceptibility to real art.
Though like Dioclesian in insusceptibility to envy, Theodosius is an idealist all too susceptible to feminine and effeminizing forces that divorce him from the world and inhibit his imperial role-playing; as such, he prefigures and helps account for the tyranny he visited on the world in the form of his cousin Valentinian III.
When scientists declared that Jews had somehow inherited a physiological insusceptibility to intemperance, he replied that it was not "racial" qualities, but rather "the liberated intelligence [which] is the motor of the will to domineer over the lower instincts.