insulin receptor substrate protein

insulin receptor substrate protein (IRS protein),

one of a group of proteins that link cell surface insulin receptors to intracellular signaling cascades.
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Targets prediction revealed that miR-92a targeted both GATA family of zinc finger transcription factor GATA-binding factor 6 (GATA6) and insulin receptor substrate proteins 2 (IRS-2).
Several lines of evidence have demonstrated that Ang II promotes IR by impairing the insulin receptors, insulin receptor substrate proteins and the downstream effectors phosphatidylinositol 3,-kinase, protein kinase B, and glucose transporter protein 4 in these insulin-sensitive tissues [31].
Insulin receptor substrate proteins (IRSs) act as interaction platforms that are phosphorylated on multiple tyrosine residues and attract different signaling proteins to spread the stimulus.
It is well known that insulin and IGF-1 can cross activate each other's receptors (insulin receptor (InsR) and IGF1R) and that there is also significant crosstalk downstream to these receptors via the insulin receptor substrate proteins (IRS; Figure 1).

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