insulin receptor

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A gene on chromosome 19p13.3-p13.2 that encodes insulin receptor, the binding of insulin to which stimulates glucose uptake.

Molecular pathology
Defects of INSR cause Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome, leprechaunism and hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia type 5.

insulin receptor

A heterodimeric membrane receptor composed of α and
β chains, which has tyrosine kinase activity after binding insulin; IR deficiency is a rare cause of DM and may be due to a gene rearrangement, causing a deletion in the tyrosine kinase domain, a point mutation with a loss of the ATP binding site or other genetic defect
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Results: No alteration in the content of insulin receptor substrate 2 in both seropositive patients and control samples were detected.
Insulin receptor substrate 2 is essential for maturation and survival of photoreceptor cells.
Decreasing hypothalamic insulin receptors causes hyperphagia and insulin resistance in rats.
Insulin - mediated secretion of ecdysteroids from mosquito ovaries and molecular cloning of the insulin receptor homologue from ovaries of blood-fed Aedes aegypti.
1-9) Within this broader context, there are the matters of dietary, environmental, detox, and spiritual components of integrative plans focused on restoring insulin receptor function, beta cell dynamics, and related aspects of insulin homeostasis.
Two important androgen producing-related genes, CYP17, GATA6, and one insulin receptor gene, IRS-2 were shown to be expressed significantly higher in PCOS theca tissue compared with non-PCOS ones in our previous study.
Proinsulin Binds with High Affinity the Insulin Receptor Isoform A and Predominantly Activates the Mitogenic Pathway.
Insulin-degrading enzyme as a downstream target of insulin receptor signaling cascade: implications for Alzheimer's disease intervention.
One possibility is the down regulation of insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS1 ) expression (Turnbow et al.
Muscular Insulin receptor, Insulin receptors phosphorylation, insulin receptor substrate-1, serine/thereonine kinase.
Among the intracellular substrates used by these receptors, six belong to the insulin receptor substrate family (IRS1-6) (15), which act as docking molecules for proteins containing SH2 domains, while permitting downstream signal transmission; IRS1 and IRS2 are ubiquitously expressed and are the main mediators of insulin-dependent mitogenic activity and of the regulation of glucose metabolism in most cell types (16); other substrates are the isoforms of adapting proteins Cbl, Shc, Gab 1/2, and members of the APS family (adapting proteins with PH and SH2 domains).
Molecular defects of insulin receptor gene causing inherited syndromes of severe insulin resistance have been reported (Krook and Rahilly, 1996).

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