insulin hypoglycemia test

in·su·lin hy·po·gly·ce·mi·a test

an infrequently used test to determine the completeness of vagotomy; after the surgery, insulin is administered to cause hypoglycemia; if vagotomy is complete, the acid output from the stomach following administration of insulin is substantially less than that before insulin administration; if the level is unchanged, incomplete vagotomy is likely. Complications of hypoglycemia are such that the test largely has been abandoned.


Franklin, U.S. physiologist, 1899-1966.
Hollander test - a test to determine the completeness of vagotomy for peptic ulcer. Synonym(s): insulin hypoglycemia test
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However, it is not until page 157, now in section 2, that one finds details of the procedure for the insulin hypoglycemia test. In that section one finds that "the test cannot be interpreted unless hypoglycemia (blood glucose < 2.2 mmol/L) is achieved".