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A nonconducting substance used as insulation.
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Contract award notice: "roof insulators roof insulators" - divided into 4 batches
In practice, a plastic cap applied between the pin and the porcelain insulator breaks at lower loads resulting from the bending pin: on the order of 1.
The company is equipped with the High Voltage Laboratory, the world's largest insulator testing facility.
A study published in the July 24 Nature reveals that electrons coursing through materials called topological insulators can manipulate magnetic components like the ones in computer memory.
The insulator sheets are used on molds and dies between the top clamping plate and the stationary platen and between the bottom of the ejector housing and the movable platen.
6 -- Indian Government has imposed 35 per cent safeguard duty on electrical insulators imported from China.
With Powersil 570 Plus, Wacker is launching the world's first insulator coating based on a patented silicone-in-water emulsion technology onto the market.
Measuring the magnitude of the PD has also been discussed as a possible method of detecting the transition from corona discharge to dry-band arcing on the insulator [9].
Yellow and Orange Viz PF Insulator - for use when really high performance against cold environments is required and ideally suited for those working in construction and service industries, the public sector and in chilled cold stores.
The insulator is designed to improve the efficiency of electricity transmission.
Chances are good that by now, the gauges with the black insulation are out of the supply system and when you order a new gauge, you'll get the white insulator.
Designed to provide high level insulation in sub zero conditions where maintaining hand warmth is critical, the PX Insulator is manufactured using a unique hollow core thermo active fibre which wicks perspiration away from the skin, while the inner layer remains warm and dry.