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A nonconducting substance used as insulation.
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Insulator manufacturing has evolved to mitigate partial discharge in insulators.
Yellow and Orange Viz PF Insulator - for use when really high performance against cold environments is required and ideally suited for those working in construction and service industries, the public sector and in chilled cold stores.
The insulator is designed to improve the efficiency of electricity transmission.
Chances are good that by now, the gauges with the black insulation are out of the supply system and when you order a new gauge, you'll get the white insulator. But if your new gauge still has the black insulator, the correct torque is the key to a good gauge.
Reducing the electrical field strength of a charged process essential insulator requires careful forethought.
With an extremely fast evaporation rate, the material drying 50% faster than cotton, additional grip for the seamless PX Insulator glove comes from the addition of a blue PU coating on the palm and finger tips.
At 8 p.m., she checked her e-mail, and had 10 urgent messages from collectors telling her what she had, and just how rare this insulator was - so rare they didn't even have pictures of one.
Q: I began collecting glass and porcelain insulators several years ago and now have 763 types.
NGK Insulators Ltd., the world's largest maker of insulators for power utilities, said Thursday it and India's Aditya Birla Group agreed to set up an insulator-making joint venture in Halol, north of Mumbai, in December.
The Nagoya-based insulator producer said the new filter, made of a number of tiny, pinwheel-shaped filter elements, can efficiently reduce waste materials from sewage water during heavy rain.
to leap into mass production of its new dead-end composite insulator encapsulated with a thermoplastic elastomer.
Polymer insulator coatings are made from polymer compositions based on silicone rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorine-containing copolymers, and other thermoplastics (1-4).