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material applied to the inside of the walls of a cavity or container for protection or insulation.
cavity liner an agent used to line a tooth cavity for protection of the pulp from irritation and for neutralization of the free acids of zinc phosphate cements.


A layer of protective material.


A layer of protective material.
Synonym(s): insulating base, protective base.
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Tenders are invited for 42 Kv Metal Oxide Gapless Type Lightning Arrestor With Insulating Base And Surge Monitor As Per Rdso Specn.No.Ti/Spc/Psi/Mogtla/0101/ 02/2015
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Class 3 Disconnector Assembly Conforming To Latest Revision Of Iec Standard Iec-60099-4 Ed2.2 2009-05 Consisting Of Insulating Base, Adaptor Plate And Earth Plate And As Per Rdso Mi No.Ti/Psi/Gapla/Policy/13 Dtd.