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1. Not sufficient.
2. Incapable of proper functioning.
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The reason the complaint was found insufficient because it used a verification form used for complaints endorsed by one third members of the House.
Insufficient glandular tissue (breast hypoplasia) [online article].
In order to study this process, 26 participants were exposed to 1 week of insufficient sleep (sleep-restriction condition 5.
Furthermore, symptoms of insufficient sleep independently predicted PTSD, depression, mild traumatic brain injury, panic syndrome, and suicide risk, they said.
Days of insufficient sleep followed a linear trend across body mass index (BMI) categories.
If applicants have insufficient funds to support their stay or a determination is made there are insufficient incentives for an applicant's return home, the visa application is refused," he added.
In 2005, police interviewed child murderer Robert Black but have now been told there is insufficient evidence.
THERE is insufficient evidence to bring a prosecution over the death of ITN journalist Terry Lloyd, the Crown, said Prosecution Service.
PHILADELPHIA -- Children with asthma and on treatment with inhaled corticosteroids who had insufficient blood levels of vitamin D had an increased risk of asthma exacerbations during 4 years of follow-up in a study with 305 children.
Across all 27 member states, a majority of informed respondents (61%) consider airport security controls appropriate, one quarter (24%) insufficient and only 16% excessive.
There is insufficient evidence to conclude that feedback mechanisms are built into most government communication systems, and that is certainly true in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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