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1. Not sufficient.
2. Incapable of proper functioning.
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"It was really surprising to see how strongly insufficient sleep was associated with a wide variety of mental health symptoms among college students," said lead author Thea Ramsey.
Owing to the insufficient evidence the judge of the Model Court Haripur acquitted ex-MPA Gohar Nawaz Khan and 11 others while the three accused those could not be arrested by the police.
In the two sleep-restricted groups, insufficient sleep led to an increase in snacking after dinner and weight gain.
"This court, after considering the evidence, finds the evidence insufficient to support a finding of a conviction," the order read.
The policy revealed that insufficient oxygen in the blood in children is a major fatal complication of pneumonia that accounts for 120,000 under-5 deaths in Nigeria per year.
Answer: Dishonour of a cheque due to insufficient funds is a criminal offence against the signatory of the cheque.
BEIRUT: State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud Thursday requested the appeal and annulment of a court decision acquitting a man due to insufficient evidence who was suspected of inflicting fatal injuries on his wife, the state-run National News Agency reported.
The former ruling Unity Party (UP) lawmaker indicates that the money paid to each lawmaker is insufficient because they make interventions in their constituencies.
The spokesperson of the PHC said that these centres were functional without the requisite human resource, that is, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, para-medical staff, etc., and insufficient facilities like the residential and emergency cover.
Regina Guthold, Ph.D., from the World Health Organization in Geneva, and colleagues pooled data from 358 surveys across 168 countries, with 1.9 million participants, to examine the prevalence of insufficient physical activity.
The data show that if current trends continue, the 2025 global activity target of a 10 per cent relative reduction in insufficient physical activity will not be met.
Summary: Complain of low pay, insufficient breaks in the prestigious events

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