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1. Pert. to instruments.
2. Important in achieving a result or goal.

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Q. How do i know what essential tools/instruments i need to buy for my baby?

A. we bought a lot of crap when out first born came along. most of it was really not useful and we could easily do without. form what i remember, we should have bought maybe second hand crib and not a new one, all this miniature outfits were really expendable. the baby grows VERY fast. all kind of shoes- until the day he start walking, it's just a waste of time.

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These findings are also in line with the work of Berwick and Ross (1989) who found students instrumentally oriented with the underlying reasons for studying English being successful in examination, and to find good career in future.
The placement of the principle concerning the fostering of the common good of one's communities strikes me as mysterious within the wider context of Finnis's views on the theory of practical reasonableness, and I thus think that an appeal to this principle is not a helpful way to explain the allegiance that reasonable citizens will have to the common good instrumentally conceived.
On Wallace's view, the normative force of instrumental rationality is accounted for in terms of the inconsistency of the beliefs held by the instrumentally irrational agent.
Vocally and instrumentally it was hard to pick fault.
His pure, clean voice is something he deploys almost instrumentally, tracing a delicate, sweet vocal line.
A rational agent's desires would rationally evolve, never requiring acts conflicting in aims over time, except where it was instrumentally rational for him to change in his desires, whence such conflicts are rationally appropriate.
Not only did this mark the globalization of the Western definition of art, it revealed a paradoxical situation in which the alleged autonomy and noninstrumentality of art could be politically and instrumentally mobilized to eradicate a non-Western aesthetic.
Too many scholars have offered simplistic and intrinsically incomprehensible claims that the sudden irruption of an instrumentally rational self henceforth pitted a diseased Europe against all other "healthy" cultures.
Iran has always blasted the US for supporting the terrorist groups in the region, stressing that Washington is using terrorism instrumentally to meet its interests.
Nuclear roadmaps be intended to identify for each transport mode; which paths would be to tread respectively and, in particular, how (and to what appropriate time) this would be deposited instrumentally and measures each concrete.
The former Blasters man was really on top of his game, vocally and instrumentally, playing some stinging guitar accompaniment to songs from his new album, Eleven Eleven (YepRoc Records), plus plenty of old favourites which were requested by the members of the packed venue.