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/in·stru·men·tal/ (in″strdbobr-men´t'l)
1. pertaining to or performed by instruments.
2. serving as a means to a particular result.


1. Pert. to instruments.
2. Important in achieving a result or goal.

Patient discussion about instrumental

Q. How do i know what essential tools/instruments i need to buy for my baby?

A. we bought a lot of crap when out first born came along. most of it was really not useful and we could easily do without. form what i remember, we should have bought maybe second hand crib and not a new one, all this miniature outfits were really expendable. the baby grows VERY fast. all kind of shoes- until the day he start walking, it's just a waste of time.

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Males and females differ in their levels of instrumental orientation, as males are instrumentally more motivated than females.
26) the total appearance differences of some achromatic and chromatic metallic paint samples were predicted as a function of instrumentally measured color and texture properties.
This view claims that rather than punishment being justified instrumentally, through the value of its further consequences, such as deterrence, punishment is justified by the non-instrumental good involved in punishing a guilty person.
This causes cruelty not only between people of different races and genders, but among all people as they view one another instrumentally rather than as moral beings.
Conservative in mood, the showy piece from the 1930s does not yet show the typical Britten idiom and displays all kinds of past and present influences, but it is instrumentally a rewarding piece and a chance for musicians to shine.
Eventually Sollee got a classical training, too, but his voice, instrumentally and vocally, is anchored in that family history.
In an act of resistance, representational abstraction was egoistically centripetal rather than publicly centrifugal, investing in a romance of the self in place of an art instrumentally focused on the problematics of society's weal.
The instrumental view deems science to be rational, if its procedures are instrumentally efficacious in achieving its goals.
Well-known standards get a rhythm lift, including the timeless Besame Mucho (adapted instrumentally to the Cuban rhythms of the abakua and guaguanco traditions), while the classic I'm Getting Sentimental Over You is transformed to an upbeat jazz-mambo.
Its other intention, as stated by the editors, is "to challenge academic narratives that view popular cultural forms as being instrumentally produced by dominant cultures and classes to impose their understandings and meanings on masses who consume these differently and are, in effect, voiceless.
The first edition moved from unobservable mental phenomena to the acts of behavior that are possible to observe instrumentally.
Guided by overarching concern with Japan's strategic geography and Japan's overall security policy decision-making process, Graham (now a senior research officer for the North Asia and Pacific Research Group at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, UK) sets out to explain how Japan's vulnerability to the disruption of its sea lanes defined its perceived security imperatives and choices in defense and alliance policy since 1940 and how Japan's vulnerability to SLOC disruption has been used instrumentally as a rationale to legitimize politically or constitutionally problematic military activities in a post war period governed by the so-called "Peace Constitution.