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/in·stru·men·tal/ (in″strdbobr-men´t'l)
1. pertaining to or performed by instruments.
2. serving as a means to a particular result.


1. Pert. to instruments.
2. Important in achieving a result or goal.

Patient discussion about instrumental

Q. How do i know what essential tools/instruments i need to buy for my baby?

A. we bought a lot of crap when out first born came along. most of it was really not useful and we could easily do without. form what i remember, we should have bought maybe second hand crib and not a new one, all this miniature outfits were really expendable. the baby grows VERY fast. all kind of shoes- until the day he start walking, it's just a waste of time.

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In his autobiography he writes that he composed a great deal of instrumental music in Prague, but evidently not a single one of this "great deal" of instrumental pieces written and performed in Prague has survived, or at least these cannot be identified among the composer's surviving works.
This paper will try to uphold this point of view by dealing with an exceptional case, in which Xenakis, in the late 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, transposed to his instrumental music an experience with electronic music.
Departing from this scholarly norm, Mary Sue Morrow, in a stimulating and richly informed new study, blazes a trail through a previously untapped body of late 18th-century criticism which does not feature mimesis in a central role: reviews of printed instrumental music in German journals and newspapers (1760-98).
In the past, participating students took instrumental music during the day, stepping out of their general education classes for band or orchestra.
In the group of articles concerned with instrumental music - the four volumes of string sonatas that make up the one part of Legrenzi's oeuvre that is generally accessible to performers - the strongest ones are the general one by Stephen Bonta, the most active editor and scholar of Legrenzi's instrumental music over the past generation, and Welker's comparative study of genre and form concerning Legrenzi and Rosenmuller.
There are some good reasons for utilizing instrumental music in exercise classes.
Byrd pioneered in the field of independent instrumental music, both for consort of viols and for virginal or harpsichord.
Part of a Kindly Plan is a pleasure to experience, and highly recommended for instrumental music connoisseurs.
Engaging Musical Practices: A Sourcebook for Instrumental Music, edited by Suzanne L.
Defining chamber music generally as instrumental music written for a group of individual performers intended to be heard for its own sake in private homes, he cites the difficulty of coming up with a common definition, since in its evolution, it has meant different things at different periods (writing in 1928).
The band produces tracks of instrumental music that's easily identifiable as metal, with all the aggression and hallmark runs and stylings, but which take on a jazz structure, rolling as though improvised, changing time signatures and tone on a dime.

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