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computer-assisted instruction CAI; instructional activities that use a computer as the primary vehicle for teaching content or processes rather than one-to-one interaction with a student.
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(in-strŭk′shŏn) [L. instruere, to draw up, train]
1. A direction or command.
2. The act of teaching or furnishing information. instructional (in-strŭk′shŏn-ăl), adjective

computer-assisted instruction

Abbreviation: CAI
Computer-based instructional programs for individual learners. The term most often refers to drill and practice, tutorial, or simulation exercises used as stand-alone instruction or as supplementary materials. A more recent term is e-learning.

dental hygiene instruction

A program in which patients are taught the methods of oral hygiene and the importance of plaque control through proper toothbrushing, flossing, and appropriate nutrition.
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Patient discussion about instruction

Q. Does nutrition diet make sense to teach in schools since children have to eat the food their parents by them? I am a nutrition dietician. My ambition is to educate people about nutrition. I have planned to teach this to children who are going to be pillars of tomorrow so that they can share this information to their parents, neighbors and friends. Is this a good idea? But my doubt here are, does it make sense to teach nutrition in schools since children have to eat the food their parents buy them?

A. YES..YOU CANT SAVE EVERYONEBUT YOU CAN SAVE SOME OF teaching this new generation how to eat the long will be saving lives...some of these children go home and teach there parents about eating right....I didnt know how to use a computor,until my children showed me,I got i can do just about anything on it...I felt the same way at one time in my life..when i was working..I have had patients with COPD..that wouldnt stop smoking-even tho they knew they were going to die from it...but because i was a respiratory therapist/paramedic i helped save alot of peoples lives..and that makes you continues to help those who want help...and the same goes for you,obesitie is the #1 problem in the united states,so you will have a lot of work...peace...mrfoot56

Q. How can I help an ADHD child with her homework? My younger sister, who is in Kindergarten, has extreme ADHD. She rips up her homework when she comes home and gets sent to the principal's office almost everyday. The psychologist said to put her on Ritalin, but our father won't allow it. her biggest problem is Literature(She might also be Dyslexic, her dad is.)

A. Thanks..

Q. what do you think are the most important things an autistic child needs to learn? I would like other parents or caregivers of an autistic child or anyone else who has been touched by autism to answer please.

A. The most important thing for an autistic child to learn is the ability to imitate. Without this awareness of others, its hard to teach anything from communication, social norms, to academics, to ADL's.

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My suggestion is to vet the proposed instruction, not just by asking lawyers and judges for comments but by paying law professors to analyze the instruction.
The next instruction in the contract formation group is 416.8, Offer, which is given in trials in which there is documentary evidence or testimony that no offer was made.
To accomplish that, modern MCUs draw on the strengths of traditional architectures such as advanced interrupt handlers, pipelining, complex instructions, power management and supervisory functions, accumulators, and floating point hardware in order to deliver the benefits of realtime performance including capabilities for digital signal processing (DSP) and floating-point math while also minimizing code size and power consumption.
Researchers consistently support the idea of using direct instruction in their classes to teach basic concepts and skills that are prerequisites to complex tasks.
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Consideration of online course development and instruction in the tenure and promotion process is a powerful way to encourage participation; not recognizing this will present a sizable barrier.
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