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Etymology: L, instituere, to put in place
to place a person in an institution for psychological or physical treatment or for the protection of the person or society. institutionalization, n., institutionalized, adj.


v to place a person in a health care or custodial facility for psychologic or physical treatment or for the protection of the person or society.
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For instance, although the Presidential and Parliamentary elections of 2004 and 2005 were two significant steps towards institutionalizing democracy in post-Taliban Afghanistan, the internationally-backed government of Afghanistan was unable to counter the challenge of warlordism during and after the elections.
On the one hand, here were houses that were available to the patriarchy for the warehousin or institutionalizing of problematic females.
ADR is not new, but institutionalizing it so that it becomes standard procedure will be a revolutionary change of enormous economic benefit to American businesses.
With the current emphasis on community and problem-oriented policing, police executives should seriously consider institutionalizing ethics.
Today's challenge is analagous but enormously more complex and intractable: nothing less than institutionalizing peace with justice in a world in which the depth of political chaos matches the height of technical kill-capacity.
brand presidents to build even stronger brands, including institutionalizing the company's Yum

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