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To pour in drop by drop.

in′stil·la′tion (ĭn′stə-lā′shən) n.
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(ĭn″stĭl-ā′shŭn) [L. in, into, + stillare, to drop]
Slowly pouring or dropping a liquid into a cavity or onto a surface.
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Parents and staff worked together and instilled a dress code along with defined rules and consequences for disobeying.
To dream the dream of God is to be instilled with an unconventional wisdom.
The most difficult challenge, however, is to provide FACE with a distinct identity that instills a sense of involvement in each participant, while ensuring that the program adheres to an issue agenda consistent with the interests of long-term care providers.
Several of these essays convey an ongoing need to instill meaning in the presence of difficult circumstances: a sense of transcending situations by imposing one's will and recognizing the value of the experience through intricate patterns of meaning.
Developed around key niches, AICPA Academies offer a competency-based educational curriculum designed to instill confidence and proficiency.
It is a unique opportunity to begin to instill the values of tolerance and understanding.
Details are unveiled in a new report, Indicators of Climate Change in the UK, in a bid to instill a sense of urgency among the public about the problem caused mostly by too much carbon dioxide from traffic fumes, in the atmosphere.
Five (25%) respondents used a 60 cc catheter tip syringe to instill fluid via the Foley catheter into the bladder.
Now a distinction between these two concepts of religion is all important since, as we shall see, the introduction of religion into the schools as first conceived undermines democratic education; whereas to instill religion of the second type is a primary task of the school.
Keep these guiding principles in front of employees at every opportunity to help instill the ideals and behaviors behind the principles.
Once we developed simple internal systems to chart that program, we began working hard on communications to instill the customer-service culture in the organization.