inspired gas

in·spired gas (I),

(symbol subscript I),
1. any gas that is being inhaled;
2. specifically, that gas after it has been humidified at body temperature.

inspired gas

A gas that has been inhaled; specifically, an inhaled gas after it has been humidified at body temperature.

in·spired gas

(I) (in-spīrd' gas)
1. As a symbold for gas, subscript I [e.g., XI]; any gas that is being inhaled.
2. Specifically, that gas after it has been humidified at body temperature.
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First, inspired gas is delivered to the patient through a face mask.
The fraction of minute production of carbon dioxide excreted via the leak correlated with the fraction of inspired gas excreted via the leak.
In addition, normal mucociliary function may be impaired by inadequately humidified inspired gas.
The temperature of the inspired gas from the system must be kept as optimally as possible regardless of the changing environment.
Intraoperative temperature monitoring sites in infants and children and the effect of inspired gas warming on esophageal temperature.
This inflation hold allows inspired gas to equilibrate in regions of the lung with incongruous time constants.
Relationship between the humidity and temperature of inspired gas and the function of the airway mucosa.
The Rossignol inspired gas tube has no moving parts and doesn't interfere with barrel harmonics like a piston system can.
Bake B, Wood L, Murphy B, Macklem PT, Milic-Emili J (1974) Effect of inspiratory flow rate on regional distribution of inspired gas.
2]O, the inspired gas concentrations were essentially the same as that of room air (nitrous oxide: 0%; oxygen: 21%).
To prevent these pathologic changes, the American Association for Respiratory Care Clinical Practice Guidelines suggests that inspired gas contain a minimum of 30 mg of [H.