insemination age

in·sem·i·na·tion age

(in-semi-nāshŭn āj)
This age begins when the sperm and oocyte are introduced during artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.
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Of the different prediction methodologies applied so far, following variables have the greatest contribution to the determination of an insemination class: the length of calving interval, body condition score, pregnancy duration, artificial insemination age, milk yield, milk fat, protein content, and lactation number (Grzesiak et al., 2010).
Under the BEV program, processors will be required to verify the age of slaughter cattle by at least one of the following methods: 1) individual animal age verification; 2) group age verification; 3) insemination age verification; or 4) USDA process verified animal identification and data collection services.