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Place for keeping and breeding insects for scientific purposes.
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Assays were conducted in an insectary controlled with a temperature of 26 [+ or -] 1 [degrees]C, 75% RH, and a photo-period of 14:10 h (L:D).
If you allow a few of the interplanted greens to flower, they'll then serve a stint as insectary plants.
The larvae were maintained at the aforementioned standard insectary conditions until reaching the 3rd instar, when they were used for experimentation [24].
oleae into a female and male insectary box, respectively.
The construction of the Wadsworth Center Arbovirus Laboratory insectary facilities was partially funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant C06-RR-17715.
Insectary managers' work is all about arthropods--that is, invertebrates that include insects.
aegypti were obtained from the insectary of the Malaria and Dengue Laboratory, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia (INPA), Manaus, Brazil.
Infested leaves were collected and transferred to the insectary lab at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) in Baqa'.
The pupae were transferred from the plate to a glass containing faucet water and were kept in the insectary. They were then moved into a mosquito cage where the adults were sustained with a 10% glucose solution in a container with a cotton wick.