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v to draw information from a client—whether by verbal questioning or physical examination—to assess the person's state of health.
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The living room and dining room were empty of furniture, and I looked at David inquiringly He shrugged.
Like anybody else of similar experience, I try to appear (to strangers) to be an old house keeper; consequently I said in an off-hand way that I had been intending for some time to have six or eight lightning rods put up, but the stranger started, and looked inquiringly at me, but I was serene.
He nods his head towards the row of whitewashed shelves, each split into little squares, where the birds sit and strut, their heads tipping inquiringly on one side and then the other, almost as if they are agreeing with him.
I do not much care for qualitative research, which to me is the attempt to discover knowledge about people and nursing by listening inquiringly to stories.
The one Sylvestre glances inquiringly at the other, who had been late with his food package, then shrugs indifferently: "It doesn't matter.
You're likely to see a number of these chatty, bright-blue birds; you may even have one light on your arm and look inquiringly into your eyes.
If his interlocutor were clever, he might respond by picking up a nearby stone, squeeze it, and look inquiringly at Thales as if to say "Where is the water to be found in this?
The minister was standing next to Veronica but he shouldn't have been there, I cautiously made my way through the crowd of mourners and touched the minister's shoulder, he glanced at me inquiringly, recognized me, greeted me with a nod, and we moved off to one side.