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v to draw information from a client—whether by verbal questioning or physical examination—to assess the person's state of health.
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West Churchman first presented his "Design of Inquiring Systems" as a basis for computer-based inquiring systems design and implementation, systems based on his approach remain woefully underrepresented in information systems research, bemoan the editors (all of Florida State U.
After the response from the panel attorney, the inquiring attorney should exercise his or her own independent judgment to resolve the legal issue or problem.
Principally, the company has received a significant number of requests inquiring about obtaining a Wiremedia Franchise.
While talking to media after inquiring about the health of Hamid Saeed Kazmi, the Federal Minister said that government is committed to complete elimination of terrorists.
The inquiring judge once taught karate, and one of the judge's former students was injured in a serious car accident which will necessitate extensive therapy.
More importantly, for the month of April 2004, 20% of inquiring pet owners purchased a pet insurance policy that generated more than $130,000 in annual written premium.
While talking to media after inquiring about the health of Hamid Saeed Kazmi, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that government is not afraid from terrorists and it will not take sigh of relief until complete elimination of terrorists.
The inquiring judge said a suspended attorney routinely appears before him representing, apparently pro se, a collection company in which the suspended attorney has an ownership interest.
A Place for Mom's trained eldercare professionals provide free personal assistance to inquiring families.
Guests will be able to use conversational speech in the language of their choice to quickly perform tasks such as managing temporarily assigned message mailboxes or instantly inquiring about meetings or other organized events, anytime day or night, during their stay.
In the audio tape Shumaila Rana has been heard inquiring balance of the stolen credit card from the concern Bank by pretending to be Zaira Malik.