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the information or material that enters or is manually entered, e.g., with a keyboard.

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Q. Can I get some input with regard to the link between fibromyalgia sufferers and breast cancer? I am a fibromyalgia patient living with severe pain for the past 5 years. I am dying with the muscular pain every day. This creates suicidal thoughts in me and I had to live for my family. My sweet family consists of me, hubby and two little angels aged 5 and 7 years. I don’t have any support to run my family. I met my friend last week and was shocked to note that fibromyalgia is linked with breast cancer. She said that there is increased risk of cancer for patients with fibromyalgia especially for women with the risk of breast cancer. My breast size has increased rapidly now and I don’t feel any lump or tumor. I didn’t disclose this fact to my hubby as he is a softy guy and cannot tolerate with this fact. Can I get some input with regard to the link between fibromyalgia sufferers and breast cancer?

A. I was not aware of a link between fibromyalgia and breast cancer..I need to look into this a little b/c it was not a topic that I had heard before your question BUT the reason I wanted to answer you was b/c something else in your question jumped out at me...suicidal thought due to the pain you are suffering. I know it is terrible and trying to take care of your family with this condition is a strain on you BUT I urge you to talk with your doctor about your feelings and also any medications you are taking that could be known to increase these thoughts(yes, there are some out there!) Like you said you have a wonderful family and I would hate for these feeling to continue and you act upon them. PLEASE discuss with your doctor. This is a condition you will be dealing with for many more years to come and your children are small. B/C i have a 3 year old with me I know it is hard to care for them and somedays it is all you can do to make it through. I will keep you in my prayers and look int

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This condition is shown in figure 6, which presents a single vibration transmissibility curve for a series of four discontinuous constant displacement inputs shown in table 2.
Input Logic DJ[TM], which will release in early December 2006, "is the DJ Dream Machine", says Fairs.
The method calls for the engineer to identify all the pertinent inputs and outputs, hold all but one of the inputs constant while the first is optimized, then proceed in a similar manner with all the remaining input variables.
Selectable parameters include type of input, C or F display, control mode, and heating or cooling, Two secondary outputs provide selectable functions or limits.
The AD8220 features an extremely low input bias current of just 4 pA (pico amps), which is less than half the level of competing components and addresses a significant source of signal error in precision instruments.
When both inputs are powered, the cradle input is used to charge the battery.
STR-DA3100ES A/V Receiver - The unit features a new 120 watt, severan channel analog amplifier with two assignable high-definition component video inputs and single output, component up conversion from composite and/or S-Video sources, second zone audio/video output and third zone audio output.
Cobra Ax is a high-performance, multi-input, video windows processor that can accept up to 12 video inputs and then simultaneously display up to four as windows on a digital flat panel or analog display.
The WM8775 ADC includes an input multiplexor with four stereo inputs with analog gain adjustable from +24dB to -21dB in 0.
The S700 sets also include the UltraVision input/output package with two IEEE 1394/5C interface input/outputs and a DVI-HDTV digital video input, two wideband component video inputs, four A/V inputs, three S-video inputs, an optical digital audio output, center cannel input, AV output and variable audio output.
The integrated 3mA current limiter is compatible with inputs designed to the IEC 61131-2 type 1 standard, and is highly accurate across the range of 2.