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the information or material that enters or is manually entered, e.g., with a keyboard.

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Q. Can I get some input with regard to the link between fibromyalgia sufferers and breast cancer? I am a fibromyalgia patient living with severe pain for the past 5 years. I am dying with the muscular pain every day. This creates suicidal thoughts in me and I had to live for my family. My sweet family consists of me, hubby and two little angels aged 5 and 7 years. I don’t have any support to run my family. I met my friend last week and was shocked to note that fibromyalgia is linked with breast cancer. She said that there is increased risk of cancer for patients with fibromyalgia especially for women with the risk of breast cancer. My breast size has increased rapidly now and I don’t feel any lump or tumor. I didn’t disclose this fact to my hubby as he is a softy guy and cannot tolerate with this fact. Can I get some input with regard to the link between fibromyalgia sufferers and breast cancer?

A. I was not aware of a link between fibromyalgia and breast cancer..I need to look into this a little b/c it was not a topic that I had heard before your question BUT the reason I wanted to answer you was b/c something else in your question jumped out at me...suicidal thought due to the pain you are suffering. I know it is terrible and trying to take care of your family with this condition is a strain on you BUT I urge you to talk with your doctor about your feelings and also any medications you are taking that could be known to increase these thoughts(yes, there are some out there!) Like you said you have a wonderful family and I would hate for these feeling to continue and you act upon them. PLEASE discuss with your doctor. This is a condition you will be dealing with for many more years to come and your children are small. B/C i have a 3 year old with me I know it is hard to care for them and somedays it is all you can do to make it through. I will keep you in my prayers and look int

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Model 4151 and Model 4130 transmitter modules offer user-programmable input and isolated linear process output (0-10 VDC or 4-20 mADC).
In an attempt to test this stage theory of statistics anxiety, we developed three scales, along the lines of MacIntyre and Gardner (1994b), to measure statistics anxiety at the input, processing, and output stages.
T] is the transfer (feedback) resistance of one of the input stages in [omega], and
With the focus on resource allocation, one of the main concerns in designing a social mechanism to allocate society's resources is efficiency--getting the greatest output from productive inputs (a problem for suppliers).
The provision sets forth rules that will increase the formal requirements to raise a Notice of Objection respect of the assessment of GST or denial of input tax credits.
The range names of input data cells should be descriptive words rather than letters and numbers; it makes formulas easier to read and the spreadsheet easier to audit.
Reference 8 also discusses strain sensitivity effects in elastomers, and specifically addresses the difference between a constant acceleration input and a constant displacement input.
14: Czech Republic, Power Production by Fuel Input, 2004
Model TEC-4100m TEC7100, TEC-8100 and TEC-9100 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, 6 different outputs, universal power input, bumpless transfer to manual mode and NEMA 4X/IP65 front faces.
Products in the pipeline range from the 'SX-1 Scratch Satellite', a bleeding edge DJ performance controller slated to be finished for Input
The company provides device manufacturers and network operators with a full range of intuitive and easy-to-use input solutions, including: eZiText(R) for one-touch predictive text entry; eZiTap(TM) for intelligent multi-tap entry, eZiType for keyboard prediction with auto-correction, Decuma(R) for predictive pen-input handwriting recognition and the Qix(TM) service discovery engine to enhance the user experience and drive service usage and adoption.
The market for input management continues to grow as organizations place increasing importance on enterprise content management (ECM) as a critical role in the information lifecycle.