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A substance that alters the force of muscular contraction.
[ino- + G. tropos, a turning, change]


(ē″nŏ″trō′pik, ī″nŏ-) [Gr. inos, fiber + -tropic]
1. Influencing the force of muscular contractility.
2. An agent that influences the force of muscular contraction. inotrope (ē′nŏ-trōp″, ī″nŏ) inotropism (ē″trō′pizm)

negatively inotropic

Pert. to an agent that weakens the force of muscular contraction.

positively inotropic

Pert. to an agent that strengthens the force of muscular contraction.


a drug with positive inotropic effects, e.g. dobutamine, digitalis, milrinone.
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Considering the number of patients requiring inotrope and the duration of inotrope support in these patients, no significant statistical difference was observed.
According to the CICU treatment protocol and based on the patient's clinical status and haemodynamic stability, support was weaned accordingly (the patient was extubated before pacemaker removal and the inotropes were subsequently weaned off as tolerated by the patient).
In this study, a few things were taken into consideration such as ventilator time, need for re-surgery, drainage during the first 24 hours after the surgery, need for inotropes, increased arterial carbon dioxide, Arrhythmias that require intervention care, need for analgesic, using of restrainers (handcuffs and shackles) and visitors with post-surgical delirium (p-value < 0.
11,12) In summary, pimobendan acts as a positive inotrope (increase cardiac contractility), a positive lusitrope (improved ventricular relaxation), and a peripheral vasodilator.
Patients who are refractory to fluid management may require inotrope support, which can be given via the peripheral vascular route.
The saphena wound site infection, mediastinitis, reintubation, bleeding or revision due to sternal dehiscence, temporary neurological deficit, inotrope and intra-aortic balloon pump requirement (IABP) were the factors extending the emergency care and hospital stay duration and increasing the morbidity.
Among patients receiving inotropes or vasopressors, those in the WI group more frequently received 1 drug (4%), in the CI 2 drugs (8.
Inotropes have been shown to be associated with a worse outcome, but milrinone, which is both an inotrope and a vasodilator, may be associated with some improvement in outcome.
An exclusive license for the rights to United States Patent 5,629,298, "Adenosine as a Positive Inotrope in the Compromised Heart" has been executed with UMMS.
Infusion of the "stress" agent, either a direct inotrope or a vasodilator, causes previously dysfunctional but viable myocardium to resume contractile function.
In the DIG trial, however, there was a non-significant trend for fewer deaths from heart failure in digoxin-treated patients and a hint that the inotrope may have caused more arrhythmia deaths, although this wasn't a prespecified study end point.
The company says an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) and Category B were approved by the FDA in connection with the Feasibility Study for Destination Therapy, named INTrEPID (Investigation of Non-Transplant-Eligible Patients who are Inotrope Dependent).