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 [ĭ-nok´u-lum] (pl. inoc´ula) (L.)
material used in inoculation.

inocula, innoculant

See inoculum.
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The inocula characterizations are presented in table 3.
Viability assessed using the footpads of non immunosuppressed SW mice show that the best results with regard to bacterial yield and take were obtained with the inocula that was injected within 24 hours of harvest.
The high inocula of acid-adapted Salmonella at 22 C increased by 3.
The sediment and digester inocula were diluted in anaerobic mineral medium (1:9, vol/vol), and the cultures were maintained in microcosms and mesocosms comprising 160-mL and 2-L glass vessels, respectively, with serum bottle closures, using the methods described by Becket et al.
Additionally, we have an incomplete understanding of the extent of stain inocula that is already on the tree, especially the bark, or in forest litter, including how and if these fungal inocula get into fresh sapwood.
The objectives of this study were to compare estimates of the proportion (%) of IVDDM for common range forages using inocula from exotic fallow and sika deer and native white-tailed deer to improve the understanding of competitive interactions among white-tailed deer and exotic deer and to document potential bias from source of inoculum when estimating IVDDM.
The inocula were prepared from serial dilutions of the pre-enumerated starting suspension with sterile water adjusted to pH 7.
Currently, several techniques have been frequently used to prepare homogenous inocula of edible mushrooms, including the use of a blender (Jager et al.
Two different inocula were used, mesophilic inoculum from Fangel biogas plant for the VDI and Moller methods, and thermophilic inoculum from Linko biogas plant for the Hansen method.
However, because the inocula in both the current study and in other studies (17,19) have not yet been titrated for infectivity and because HEV infections are virus dose dependent (18), additional studies should be performed to determine the infectivity titer of rabbit HEV and to demonstrate whether the rate of inducing hepatitis increases with virus dose of infection.
This includes the use of mycorrhizal inocula on landscape plants [2].
Inocula were dried on stainless steel for 5 hours and on apples for up to 24 hours before they were treated with sanitizers.