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 [ĭ-nok´u-lum] (pl. inoc´ula) (L.)
material used in inoculation.
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It is obtained only for maximum concentrations of 0.32% for the three inocula tested and 0.625% for inoculums of [10.sup.2] and [10.sup.3] CFU/ml.
patula inoculated with PS, CR, and IV inocula was 19.9, 21.4, and 23.4%, respectively; the last one was significantly higher than the other two (Figure 1).
Inocula. Over 98% and 91% of genes were affiliated with the domain Bacteria, and only 2% and 9% of genes were represented by Archaea for the SS and IGBS inoculums, respectively (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
In summary, the positive predicative value of a resistant test result was greatly improved using the two lower density inocula. There was a minimal difference between test methods in the percentages of susceptible results that were true-susceptible, all methods having values greater than 95%.
The study is programmed to evaluate the mesophilic anaerobic digestion (35[degrees]C) of three different parameters which are pH (8.2), substrate concentration (80% or 40% in volume of 5.3g VS/L) and inocula concentration (10% or 20% in volume of COD ranging 75-99 mg/l).
Abbreviations Abbreviation Reactor Condition HT1 Kitchen waste + untreated inoculum (1:1) HT2 Kitchen waste + Inocula pretreated at 50[degrees]C for 20 min.
Isolates and preparation of inocula: Scedosporium isolates tested in this study were selected based on a DNA-DNA reassociation experiment, which separated Scedosporium apiospermum isolates into three groups identified as groups I to III.
Culture was transferred by loop inocula twice at 24 hr intervals to 100 ml of tryptic soy broth in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks.
In vitro digestion experiments: Importance of variation between inocula donors.
After cooling to room temperature, the triplicate dye solution containing flasks were inoculated with 5 mL homogeneous spores inocula of respective fungi and incubated at 30 AdegC for a period of five days.
Twelve case-patients with VPSPr (6 with VPSPr-129VV, 4 with VPSPr-129MV, and 2 with VPSPr-129MM) provided the inocula used in the first passage.